Vision tests – no two eyes are alike and no eye is perfect. We need a great deal of information about the patient’s visual acuity in order to offer them an optimal spectacle lens or contact lens. Using the modern tools of the age and traditional analyzes, we try to get the most accurate actual results possible for our patients.

Spects and Suns – You may choose from our metal, acetate or even wooden frames to match your style, for which we recommend single-grade or multifocal premium lenses from Seiko, Hoya or Essilor. Our colleagues also help you manage special diopters, custom solutions and frame comfort settings.

Eyewear repair – if your eyeglass frame is accidentally damaged, we can fix most problems by soldering, gluing, replacing parts, or laser welding. We strive to offer both functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Contact lenses and accessories – Premium products of the world’s leading brands are constantly available. In addition, we can provide accessories for special needs.We are helping our customers with the insertion and setup process, as well as providing detailed information on the maintenance.

Ophthalmologist screenings and disease screening – Our specialists perform analyzes and screenings for a wide variety of symptoms by prior appointment. Primary screenings can be performed for the following diseases: macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy pigmentosa, cataracts, glaucoma, treatment of inflamed eyes, treatment of dry eyes.